What can I use in my bigshot?

Well I have been slack and not posted for a while but I have been “playing” with my bigshot.  Given that I am only using embossing folders as I have already invested in a cricut my quest has been to work out what scraps of paper, card and other items I can actually use in the bigshot.

If you google you will find an endless list but that isn’t much help.  So this is what I have found out this far:

  • Bazzill/AC cardstock – embosses nicely gives a smooth edge
  • Foil cardboard – the kind you buy the kids to make stuff out of embosses fantastically, very clear & precise and as a bonus readily available and cheap!
  • Stardream/Opal papers – embossed fantastically, clear image.  2 pieces seem to emboss the same as 1.
  • Glitter card – embossed ok but difficult to see against the glitter
  • Acetate/clear packaging (including from your embossing folders!) – embossed fantastically, nice deep images which are clear.  So don’t throw away that clear packaging cut it up and use it.
  • Printed scrapbook paper/gift wrapping – embossed nicely, need to consider the pattern on the paper vs your embossing folder.  Ideally use at least 2 pieces of paper at a time
  • Vellum – plain and printed work great, gives a nice embossed finish but not clear images.  You need to use at least 2 pieces at one time.
  • Wallpaper – produces a nice soft embossed image

All of these are pictured below.

Different media embossed with big shot

Endless choice

Top row from left – bazzil, foil board, stardream, wallpaper.

Bottom row from left – wrapping paper, vellum, clear packaging, printed paper.

My girlfriend tested alfoil – you need to double up twice, it will crease-up a little around the embossed image so don’t expect a pristine flat piece of alfoil.  Brown paper also works well.

Other household items yet to be tested but I expect will be great – cereal boxes and covers from magazines.  The addition of “embossing” really does make an otherwise ordinary looking item look fantastic whilst being good for the crafting budget and the environment.

I would love to hear any other idea’s for what to emboss.