Sure cuts a lot and microsoft publisher

Yes, you heard right…. Microsoft publisher.  I have extra time on my hands at the moment which allows some free-form creativity with my existing craft tools the result – I have discovered a range of features that I didn’t know I had!!

I have a little cricut (6×12″ mat) which is great except that ProvoCraftTM have sued the makers of sure cuts a lotTM and were very heavy handed so I am locked out of future updates of the software unless I buy a new die cutter.   I have finally be able to update to windows 7 and get the software and cricut to be friend so for the time being I can still use the current version but once I can’t anymore I will be buying a new electronic die cutter and it won’t be made by ProvoCraftTM.

I have been playing around with creating my own svgs.  There are a couple of free apps for the ipad which let you free-form draw then save as an svg but even more exciting is the realisation I can create something in Microsoft publisher, save it as a jpeg then use Sure Cuts a Lot’s trace feature to create an svg.   Ah, freedom of making my own designs is truly fantastic.

And if you are interested in some free designs see my previous post of making your own die cuts.  If you drop by SVGCuts – make sure you join the forum as a lot of kind people share their designs including moi.


Making your own die cuts

Die cutting machines are a fantastic aid to the serious crafter.  Particularly if you are able to use a software program like Sure Cuts a LotTM.   In addition to the various  SVG files you can buy there are also a range of free SVG’s available (SVG Blog has a great range and for $5 she will send you a complete zip of all the files).  This gorgeous little baby elephant and butterflies are a free from Sure Cuts a Lot, horse from SVG Blog, dinosaurs and trains I created myself from some old colouring books whilst the flowers, presents and bus are from CircutTM Stretch your ImaginationTM cartridge.

Do you research (googling your die cutter and “SVG” is good place to start) before buying so you understand which cutters allow you to cut files without buying the “cutter branded cartridges” and any limitation on selling your creations.  Being able to use free resources and design your own cutting files makes the purchase of a die cutting machine economical for home crafters and gives creative freedom as you are not limited to only those which the die-cutter maker decides that you want.