Hawaii birthday…

I have been a little slack posting but have been busy crafting (made 50 pairs of earrings this weeknd using my new 1 step looper) and going to a craft show. I have also had a couple of craft days with lovely friends, instead of crafting together we have changed the format so one teaches the other a new project. Such fun. Mine is going to be for mothers day so will post later.

My parents LOOOOOVE Hawaii.  Dad has also acquired many ukes and we now have some lovely Hawaiian friends from the uke circut. Dad’s birthday is coming up next week and I suspect uke 7 (I think) will be acquired from a special friend, and talented uke maker, Joe, owner (with the lovely Kristen) of Kanilea Ukulele.

I have made mini ukes (for the uke no. 2 that did not arrive in time for xmas), uke themed stepper cards and cards with every hawaiian islands sticker I can find in Brisbane.  All I could find this time was a 4 Hawaiian dancers.  But after the recent craft show doing stencilling I was inspired.

I cut the palm trees layers using my baby cricut and the stretch your imagination Cartridge, assembled.  I used the negative to stencil trees, using two shades of green for the leaves and two brown for the trunk so it looked like it had rings.  Layered on the cricut palm trees and coloured the palm leaves with copics to match.  Used some distress ink to create the sand,  added the hawaiin dances and voila!




Hanging christmas cards

A call went out from some lovely ladies who make up christmas stockings for Aussie soldiers serving abroad. Mum made the christmas stockings and I made a few cards. The requirements – must be 1/4 of an A4 sized page and not folded. A challenge indeed as not christmas cards but postcards and no sparkle, glitter or metal of any kind was to be used. Needed to be for men and women so no cutsey ones would suit.

Well I wanted to do something different and make sure they could be displayed. So how could they be displayed when must be flat? Of course, I thought after many hours pondering they could be decorations on the tree as well as a card. So I started by cutting a printed xmas paper to cover the front and wrap around to the back to give a little hint of colour. Then added chipboard embellishments, printed journal cards and stickers. Hole punched the top and threaded with some bakers twine. Here are the finished results.



I love this design so much I am going to use for our family christmas cards this year. Well better get started!

Happy crafting

How to upcycle items for card making

I am always in search of ideas to upcycle or reuse items purchased for non-card making purposes. It is a small way to offset the reams of paper I seem to print on a daily basis when at work but also forces you to be more creative. Below is a list of 10 items I have used to create card friendly items:

1. Textured wool – combine normal wool, crochet metallic thread and one of the newer varieties of wools (feather, Pom Pom etc) and use these to loop through tags

2. Front covers of patterned paper pads – don’t throw these out, cut the pictures of what’s inside out and use a backgrounds. Also keep the back card to use in your die cutting or as a mat when you are stamping

3. Ribbons from your tops and dresses – those annoying little bits that really are useless for keeping you item on the hanger, cut them off and use as an embellishment

4. Sticker sheets – think about how you can use the negative, some times you can’t but even short little bits left over from cutting a piece the right width for you card can be used to create a pleasing pattern (eg arrange these at different angles down one side of the card)

5. Mail – keep an eye out for good quality envelopes particularly those with patterned paper on the inside and card. These make fabulous backgrounds.

6. Buttons – raid your stash of spare buttons even those cut off from inside shirts and use these in your card designs.

7. Stud earrings – go through your jewelry collection and pull out any you don’t wear or are missing its mate and the use these as you would a brad. You will need pliers to bend the back and add a spot of glue to the point end or cut off the back and glue directly to your card.

8. Cards you have received – Look for good quality cards with square or rectangular designs to cut out and use as an embellishment – use foam tape or wobble springs to make them a feature.

9. Wrapping paper – cheap wrapping paper from the dollar shop with a regular design which can but cut out also make great focal pieces as do patterned paper for backgrounds. Used wrapping paper and foil from your Easter chocolates also make great background paper. If these seem to light to use by themselves stick them to some card first.

10. Clear plastic in packaging – you often see these in toy boxes can be used to make shaker cards or embossed.

Till next time, happy crafting.


How to make a birthday card from offcuts

Todays blog is about birthdays and specifically how to use your offcuts to create a cool one. This is my very first original design. I started with a simple challenge of using little offcuts (2cm wide x 6cm high) as candles. Initially I used glitter glue to draw a flame shape but now I have purchased a nice leaf punch which also works fantastically although I still do like the look of the glitter flame. I use any material for the candle base – corrugated card, foam, patterned paper, embossed paper, card and keep these in various sizes in a snap lock bag ready to go.

I find, as I always like to keep stock on hand for myself, to give away and lately to add to my etsy shop it is a big time saver to make multiple cards using the same design. This simple candle can be used on its own, in pairs, in trios, with or without a background or a suitable message.

The trio of cards pictured below took around 10 minutes to make with most of the time taken up by settling on the colour scheme, background and message to be included.

candle cards 2

candle cards 1

Whilst I am happy for you to use the designs to raise funds for charities and not-for-profit organisations please do not use these commercially. Till next time.


Paper is king!

Yesterday I discovered my personal supply of cards is a bit low thanks to the opening of my etsy store and a few birthdays. Today the weather is in the low 20Cs, windy and overcast even though it was a very hot summer day of 36C earlier in the week so it is a perfect day for crafting.

Today’s challenge use some of the offcuts I have been hoarding and to make the paper the king of the card. Once paired with some sentiments and die cuts from my birthday collection box the resulting cards are beautiful.


What else do you have on your desk you ask? Well I always keep a photo box full of standard 5×7″ cards organized by colour, my baby and middle xyron, baby cricut, baby and large cutter, toolbox (old biscuit tin is my favorite for this) and an old ice cream container for the rubbish. Trying to be more environmentally friendly I also have a plastic tub at my side for all the paper offcuts.



Happy World Card Making Day!

I am all in favour of a day dedicated to my most favourite craft – card making!  My challenge for the day, apart from the heat (a lovely 36C in Brisbane, Australia), was to use Kaisercraft Christmas Carnival 6″ Paper Pad to create a set of 10 christmas cards for a friend of my mum’s.  I am sorry to say, that this is last years design so you may or may not be able to buy it.  I luckily discovered a few months ago a Kaisercraft outlet only 15 minutes from me tucked away in a quiet location just near a large hardware store.  The bargains were truly fantastic with most items 90% off plus gift bags for shopping there.   Needless to say all of my crafty friends received a gift bag from me of Kaisercraft products.

But I digress, all of these cards were made from the Kaisercraft paper pad (with the exception of a few inches of silver crochet thread).  Modern, funky and full of the joy of the upcoming festive season.  The best part is that I still have enough left over to make another 15 or so cards.  So, even if you aren’t a card maker or into scrapbooking, have a look for one of these “all-in-one” paper packs and see what you can create.

Hope you have had a productive World Card Making Day!


How to make boxes for your handmade cards

As a keen card maker I am always giving cards to people as gifts for all and any occasion. I have packaged these in cellophane bags, gift bags, paper bags and bought boxes but have never really been ecstatic with the result.

Enter my Martha StewartTM Scoring Tool to inspire me to create some boxes. If you don’t have one of these you should have a look at the video’s on YouTube. I find it useful for scoring my difficult cards, making custom envelopes and boxes. There are a lot of instructions for the ScorPalTM online but not as many for the Martha StewartTM equivalent. To make a box the perfect size for 6″x4″ or 15x10cm cards with C6 envelopes you need to:

  • cut two pieces of cards 9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″
  • the one you want to be the bottom, score 1 1/2″ in on all four sides
  • fold over each edge to make a neat fold then unfold
  • at the corners cut one of the lines (either on the long or short side) so you end up with a flap
  • fold up the flap and glue to the inside of the box (see below)
  • repeat this process with the second piece of card (this will be the top) but you need to line the card up with the little triangle on the top left hand corner of the scorer, then score 1 1/2″
  • make sure you turn the card around each time to line up with the triangle (don’t be tempted to just measure in 1 1/2″ from the other end as it won’t work)

If you don’t have a Martha StewartTM Scoring Tool then you need to score the second card an extra 1/8″ from each end e.g. instead of 1 1/2″ you need to score 1 5/8″ from each end. This gives a very neat fit for C6 envelopes to prevent the envelopes from moving around inside the box. If you want more room then start with slightly larger card (e.g. 10″ x 8″ will give you an extra 1/2″ in width and length) and follow the same instructions as above. You don’t need to change the distance to score from each edge.

Have fun!