How to make boxes for your handmade cards

As a keen card maker I am always giving cards to people as gifts for all and any occasion. I have packaged these in cellophane bags, gift bags, paper bags and bought boxes but have never really been ecstatic with the result.

Enter my Martha StewartTM Scoring Tool to inspire me to create some boxes. If you don’t have one of these you should have a look at the video’s on YouTube. I find it useful for scoring my difficult cards, making custom envelopes and boxes. There are a lot of instructions for the ScorPalTM online but not as many for the Martha StewartTM equivalent. To make a box the perfect size for 6″x4″ or 15x10cm cards with C6 envelopes you need to:

  • cut two pieces of cards 9 1/2″ x 7 1/2″
  • the one you want to be the bottom, score 1 1/2″ in on all four sides
  • fold over each edge to make a neat fold then unfold
  • at the corners cut one of the lines (either on the long or short side) so you end up with a flap
  • fold up the flap and glue to the inside of the box (see below)
  • repeat this process with the second piece of card (this will be the top) but you need to line the card up with the little triangle on the top left hand corner of the scorer, then score 1 1/2″
  • make sure you turn the card around each time to line up with the triangle (don’t be tempted to just measure in 1 1/2″ from the other end as it won’t work)

If you don’t have a Martha StewartTM Scoring Tool then you need to score the second card an extra 1/8″ from each end e.g. instead of 1 1/2″ you need to score 1 5/8″ from each end. This gives a very neat fit for C6 envelopes to prevent the envelopes from moving around inside the box. If you want more room then start with slightly larger card (e.g. 10″ x 8″ will give you an extra 1/2″ in width and length) and follow the same instructions as above. You don’t need to change the distance to score from each edge.

Have fun!