Custom storage for stamps and accessories

As promised I thought I would show you some pictures of my custom designed and built (thanks Dad) stamp storage mobile.


It has 6 slide out storage trays for stamps, punches and colouring items.


It has deep top which A3 card can be stored in with a tray sitting on top for larger items like stamp pads, cube stamps, punches, ink refills, embossing powders etc. Along with a blackboard to list items to be replaced both inside the lid and on the back.



I painted it bright yellow. Added some textured paste stencils and a removable PVC top for protection. It is large enough to hold all my mounted stamps, some card and all my stamp accessories and still fits neatly under a desk.

Hope you like it. Happy for you to make your own for your own use but copyright in the design is reserved for commercial purposes.



How to organise the craft stash part 2

I have experimented with a few solutions to organise my craft stash. The current solution which I have been trialling for almost a year seems to be working. As I have my own study/craft room I purchased 3 Billy book cases from Ikea with glass push to open and close doors. The glass doors triple the cost of the unit but they are worth it. Not only do they look fantastic it keeps the dust out which means more time for playing with craft bits.

I also purchased at the same time DVD and CD boxes designed for the Billy bookcases. As you can see I have quite a few now. The theory being that I have a box for everything, each is labelled with what’s in it. I have now managed to fill the balance of the space with my cling stamp storage (old DVD cases) and embossing folder storage (A5 display box) plus a couple of photo boxes to hold made cards and other items.

billy full

boxed up

But you ask how did I decide to break up my stash, it took awhile but it’s basically on theme or type of. These are my boxes: card blanks, envelopes, celebrations, men, kids, garden, misc, samples, tags & templates, glitter and stencils, christmas, ribbons, mini albums, embossed paper. Anything which is too large for these boxes heads to the 12×12 carts which I acquired from Kmart (Australia).

12x12 drawers labelled and tidy

I have now been through the boxes on the top and replaced them with three top closing 12×12 stackable containers – Kmart(Australia) has these for $12 each. Bargain as the same item at the local spotlight (craft store) is $22.

I have found this to be just the solution I was looking for now when I sit down to make a birthday card I pull out the celebration, male and/or kids box to get my creative juices going and then if needed pull out the ribbons, embossed paper etc to coordinate.

Hope this gives you a few ideas.


How to store cling stamps

I love clear stamps – they are much cheaper than the wooden mounted ones and easier to use. The clear block and stamp means I can put the stamp exactly where I want without any fiddling.

But as my collection grows I have been asking how best to store them. I have access to free DVD cases so I thought they might be suitable and guess what, they seem to be. I have placed the printed backing sheet in the cover with some sticky tape, transferred the stamps to the inside, added the clear backing sheet (I probably don’t need this now they are inside the DVD case) and voila – neat and tidy, stackable, stand on the side storage without a hefty price tag.

Help! My craft magazines are breeding…

When I moved house I had far too many craft magazines (the pile was up to my waist) and nowhere to re-home them.  So drastic action was required.

Why exactly was I keeping the whole magazine?  I couldn’t come up with a good reason so I decided just to keep the pages with projects, techniques and templates that I liked.

I started by either pulling out the page or colour photocopied it (its handy to have a good quality printer and scanner at home) put it in a plastic sleeve.

Then I purchased a lever arch file and tabbed folders in pretty coloured card (the kind kids have for projects).  I glued the tabbed folders together to make a sturdy file tabs and put into the lever arch file along with plastic sleeves.  After much deliberation I decided to have tabs for birthdays, christmas, occasions (birthdays, weddings, easter etc), others, techniques and templates.

To finish and encourage me to continue to the practice I added spare plastic sleeves to each tab.  The magazines then went to craft friends with a caveat that they couldn’t be returned.  Problem solved!

How to organize your craft stash

The eternal questions for all crafters is how did I actually get this much stuff and what’s the best way to organise it so I can actually find it? The answer for everyone is different. For me, every holiday I try to think about a better way to store my supplies. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Here are some of my favourite organisation tips:

  • Don’t hoard craft magazines. Either photocopy or tear out the projects you actually will do and put them into plastic sleeves in an archive folder (trust me a display folder will not be big enough). Organise your archive folder with tabbed sections. Mine has birthdays, occasions, christmas, techniques, templates and others. Use A4 tabbed folders glued together and hole punched as they are just wide enough to extrude past the plastic sleeves. Then send off your slightly used magazine to a craft friends with instructions to do the same and not to return.
  • Store die-cuts in CD sleeves in an archive folder. There are more costly options which have the benefits of ensuring that a die-cut does not fall out in transit but for me, this is a cost effective solution. I can fit over 90 die cuts in a small archive folder.
  • Group stamped images, stickers and embellishments etc in labelled boxes in themes. Mine are mere male, children, garden, occasions, christmas, glitter, templates, blank card, envelopes, tags, ribbons etc.
  • For small length’s of ribbon folder around your hand then put a paperclip to hold fast – this will stop it unravelling in your box and make it easier to see at a glance what you have
  • Purchase yourself a few sets of 12×12 plastic scrapping drawers. Mines are 6 drawers per unit and three fit very neatly in a standard wardrobe (without the doors) and have the added advantage of wheels. Pull out your bigger craft items sort, file and label.
  • Whilst it is tempting to keep every offcut and scrap of that particularly beautiful paper, ribbon, card don’t. Try to use it in the same sitting and if not, really think about whether it is big enough to be usable. You can always recycle these with your newspapers.
  • Invest in a couple of 6×6 expandable file boxes – these are great to store your 6×6 and 8×8 scrapping paper/card in colour order and for your stickers (if you don’t want to store in boxes)
  • If you come across something you haven’t used because you simply bought too much of it (it was after all on special) give it to your crafting friends as a challenge item.
  • Bundle up your “beginning” craft items into packages – these make perfect gifts for children and newbie crafters.
  • Write down or draw your ideas, designs and things you have seen that you liked in a note-book.

I hope this gives you a few new idea’s for organising your crafting supplies. I would love to hear about yours.