Quick wedding gift

I wanted to find something, not expensive to make or post but which would show some new overseas friends that we were thinking of them on their wedding day. Voila i found this great blog which is another variation to my congratulations decorated banner. Since I have used my stash of congratulations I thought perfect!


I raided my stash to find everything I needed except the right colour ring to join everything together and a crop a dile. But thats ok mum used to do leatherwork so dad will punch the holes for me. I was very impressed, in about 30 minutes I was done. This time included making a wedding card to include so they can see what to do with the gift.


Elegant on the outside and on the inside showing a little character of the bride (photographer) and groom (loves computer games, also a professional muso but that was too easy!). Phew I finally used that wedding scrapbooking paper I have had in the pile for 5 years and the vintage decoupage bride and groom.

Off to see dad to get the holes punched and buy a silver large ring.

Happy crafting,



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