Easy beauty products to make for Christmas gifts

So earlier this year I took my bestie along to a cosmetic and soap making course.  Both of us love handmade things – making and using.  We have made two batches of soap thus far and it is better to do in pairs so you don’t forget anything.

But as I am currently not working and she is I have been experimenting with a few other beauty items – lotion bars, body scrubs and lip balms.  Dr Google is great for finding different idea’s of how to do this.

Here are the ones I have selected for 3 things, simple clear instructions, minimal ingredients and one pot makes.

  • Lip Balm – I used coconut oil instead of jojoba as I have an allergy, added peppermint essential oil and a little bit of brown lipstick for colour
  • Lotion Bars – my favourite is to use beeswax, olive oil and coconut oil and put into either ice-trays (plain or shaped) or mini muffin tins (don’t worry they pop out once cooled).  Ice-cube ones can be stacked in a glass jar and the mini muffins fit into those little plastic one serve sauce containers you can buy at the supermarket.  If you remember add some essential oil I have found around 12 drops per batch is about right.
  • Body scrubs – I find sugar great, doesn’t sting after shaving and disappears down the drain instead of remaining on the shower floor.

You can reuse your old containers or buy some new at the cheap/thrift shop or when you buy the ingredients from a speciality store.  Best of all these are not expensive to make and can be made at the last minute if needed!

Happy crafting



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