Everywhere I see christmas trees

So the family christmas card has been handmade by us for over 20 years.  Each year we must come up with  something a little better and a little different.  Yes there are expectations from those that receive them but it is also fun.  Sometimes I get an idea, sometimes mum likes bits and pieces she has seen in my cardmaking magazines.  Sometimes I need to do two designs as Dad decrees they are a bit cutesy for business use.  After quite a bit of playing around test designs were provided to the family for approval. Yes its serious business!

This year I was inspired by this tutorial on making a folded xmas tree from a half circle.  Great I though, I can use the cricut to cut the circles.   I was also keen to destash particularly brads.  I did have to buy some xmas paper with smaller designs but I did economise by choosing a pad which worked for these and our gingerbreads plus the 12 days of xmas tags I still need to make. 

Usually I split up the construction tasks between myself and mum but as I am not working and she is, its all me.  I have completed 1/4, 1/4 need some stamping, bases are 90% made for the balance of our 120 odd xmas cards.  A bit of stamping, colouring and attach our handmade stickers to the back and I will be done. Hope you like them.  I am quietly in love with every one.  


Happy crafting



Gingerbread people 

So today was the day, I had base coated the remaining 38 gingerbread, cut 80 sets of clothes (3 goes to get the design right so I could use the cricut to cut out, still needed a small trim as I went but much easier than doing all by hand), raided the stash for ribbon, bling, buttons and anytng else we could use for decoration.

I ended up using a glue stick rather than the xyron after some advice from a friend to attach the clothes and pressed flat with my bone folder.  It took mum and I about 5 hours to dress and bling all of them.  Great to do a far bit of destashing.  They are all resting in a box until they are gifted to the lucky recipients safely layered with greaseproof.  Not what we had actually planned to do today but pleased to get this job done.

Happy crafting


Easy beauty products to make for Christmas gifts

So earlier this year I took my bestie along to a cosmetic and soap making course.  Both of us love handmade things – making and using.  We have made two batches of soap thus far and it is better to do in pairs so you don’t forget anything.

But as I am currently not working and she is I have been experimenting with a few other beauty items – lotion bars, body scrubs and lip balms.  Dr Google is great for finding different idea’s of how to do this.

Here are the ones I have selected for 3 things, simple clear instructions, minimal ingredients and one pot makes.

  • Lip Balm – I used coconut oil instead of jojoba as I have an allergy, added peppermint essential oil and a little bit of brown lipstick for colour
  • Lotion Bars – my favourite is to use beeswax, olive oil and coconut oil and put into either ice-trays (plain or shaped) or mini muffin tins (don’t worry they pop out once cooled).  Ice-cube ones can be stacked in a glass jar and the mini muffins fit into those little plastic one serve sauce containers you can buy at the supermarket.  If you remember add some essential oil I have found around 12 drops per batch is about right.
  • Body scrubs – I find sugar great, doesn’t sting after shaving and disappears down the drain instead of remaining on the shower floor.

You can reuse your old containers or buy some new at the cheap/thrift shop or when you buy the ingredients from a speciality store.  Best of all these are not expensive to make and can be made at the last minute if needed!

Happy crafting


Electronic die cutting tip

OK I am currently cutting 85 sets of clothes for gingerbread decorations.  Took a little fiddling but have managed to get it right with my cricut so I do not have to cut by hand (phew!).

As I am not working at the moment but still wanting to get ahead with my Christmas crafts I am trying to be extra thrifty.  My big discovery… wait for it, 3m edge lock tape.   I might be behind the game but I have not seen this tip anywhere.

Use a 2 inch piece top and bottom of your paper (I have 6×12 inch matter so if you have a bigger one perhaps each corner) and if using chipboard each corner to hold in place.  Much better than glue sticking the mats and no more discarding once have been cut up badly.

Well back to it… only 65 sets to go..

Happy crafting