How to use few of my favourite things ….

My crafty friend Helen discovered this great place to pick-up ends of run and offcut card and paper quite a few years ago called Reverse Garbage.  It was a great secret – buying wallpaper samples, stardream paper, card, cardboard tubes for $1-$2 per kg shared by ourselves, teaches and a few eco-artists.  The sustainability movement is gathering pace in Oz and this has now become a fashionable and widely known place and they even know have their own facebook page.

So when I saw these sparkly little items I rushed in to purchase some for myself and the crafty gals for Easter as I knew they would disappear off the shelf quite quickly.  Whilst it is disappointing to have less bargains than we used to, it is great to see so many other crafty people trying actively to reuse and repurpose items.


A bag of pretties is always hard for you to use but where to start?  I opened the bag sorted into colours and see what came to mind.  As I sorted they reminded me of pretty flowers and I remembered a craft friend had given me a stack of small flowers in pretty colours and I still have heaps of brads (I really must stop buying them).  Bingo!  Now just to design the card… the result, simple but beautiful.  All I had to add was a small strip of patterned paper on the inside to cover the back of the brads.

sparkly flowers

Happy crafting all.



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