How to get your mojo back…

As much as I love crafting sometimes I am lost for inspiration. At these times I have found it helpful to pull out one type of item out my stash or tools on my desk and force myself to use it before using anything else. I don’t have to make an entire card but I do need to at least make something which will eventually be used for a card.

Here is an idea to get you started:

Grab edging things e.g. ribbons, washi tapes, stickers, cut yourself some plain white card slightly smaller than your standard card. Start randomly using the items to create interesting backgrounds until you run out of card or your stash items. Put these aside until later.

Next time start with your decorated base cards and your embellishment of choice (purchased stickers, flowers, brads, stamped images etc) and add these to your backgrounds. Then attach your backgrounds to your base cards.

Not only do you use up stash items, force yourself to be a bit creative but you can make a large volume using similar materials. I usually aim for around 2 dozen or so finished cards. Below are some I made recently doing just this.

Other ideas are to look for things you haven’t played with for awhile be it some stamps (stamp these with archival ink onto blank card or watercolor paper ready for colouring later), emboss some offcuts, cut and fold some blank cards, layer up some embellishment ready for adhering (colored images, background paper, paper flowers with brads etc). Just remember you don’t have to make the whole card in one sitting. Sometimes it is fun just to work on one part and work out how to use it later.

Till next time.

P.S. sorry about the quality of the photo this time, it has been grey, wet and rainy here in not so sunny Brisbane.


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