Aloha! How to make a dress card

This is a little Hawaiian dress card that I made whilst playing around with making shaped cards. I had an idea that if I could cut a dress shape from a folded 4×6″ card and cut a dress from some pretty patterned 6×6″ paper it would look pretty neat. So I set to work, after a few attempts I have come up with a design I am happy with.


Below is the card flattened out in case you want to make one for yourself. It’s just a matter of cutting the neck, the dress sides and the sleeves. I have deliberately made these cuts a straight line to make it easy to cut out by hand. I always have trouble cutting a perfect curves by hand.

hawaiin girls dress card

You can of course embellish the dress with ribbon, pearls and buttons. That was my original intention but when I saw the way this gorgeous patterned paper sat on the card once cut out it really didn’t need much other than a little yellow highlighting on each flower.

Happy crafting.



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