How to organise the craft stash part 2

I have experimented with a few solutions to organise my craft stash. The current solution which I have been trialling for almost a year seems to be working. As I have my own study/craft room I purchased 3 Billy book cases from Ikea with glass push to open and close doors. The glass doors triple the cost of the unit but they are worth it. Not only do they look fantastic it keeps the dust out which means more time for playing with craft bits.

I also purchased at the same time DVD and CD boxes designed for the Billy bookcases. As you can see I have quite a few now. The theory being that I have a box for everything, each is labelled with what’s in it. I have now managed to fill the balance of the space with my cling stamp storage (old DVD cases) and embossing folder storage (A5 display box) plus a couple of photo boxes to hold made cards and other items.

billy full

boxed up

But you ask how did I decide to break up my stash, it took awhile but it’s basically on theme or type of. These are my boxes: card blanks, envelopes, celebrations, men, kids, garden, misc, samples, tags & templates, glitter and stencils, christmas, ribbons, mini albums, embossed paper. Anything which is too large for these boxes heads to the 12×12 carts which I acquired from Kmart (Australia).

12x12 drawers labelled and tidy

I have now been through the boxes on the top and replaced them with three top closing 12×12 stackable containers – Kmart(Australia) has these for $12 each. Bargain as the same item at the local spotlight (craft store) is $22.

I have found this to be just the solution I was looking for now when I sit down to make a birthday card I pull out the celebration, male and/or kids box to get my creative juices going and then if needed pull out the ribbons, embossed paper etc to coordinate.

Hope this gives you a few ideas.



4 thoughts on “How to organise the craft stash part 2

  1. I would love something like this! I don’t have a room for craft, it all gets done in my living room with a few boxes in the corner to hide it away’s not ideal and Its my dream to have a space to call my own for craft. It looks like it is well used and enjoyed too 🙂 xxx

    • Yes it is great to have a whole room. Previously I only had some space under the desk which was taken up with a custom built stamp box (I will post pics soon) plus two archive boxes. On the upside it does make sure you don’t buy too much but having more room and being able to organise things means you can be working on a craft project within minutes.

  2. I love your “How to store cling stamps” but what brand of DVD case did you purchase that did not have an insert to hold the DVD? I love this but can only find ones that have an insert that cannot be removed.?

    • Hi, fortunately my mum works somewhere that has a lot of excess so I did not have to buy. But I did learn to look closely at the DVD cases many look like the insert can’t be removed but just need a firm tug. Good luck.

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