How to make a triangle gift box – perfect for treats!

A love little gift boxes particularly those which can be made quickly easily and without too much measuring and pfaffing about. So it is no surprise that I love triangle gift boxes. You start with a rectangle, A5 or 5×7″ card is perfect and then score as shown below.

triangle gift box - 1

Then fold all sides towards the centre line (running length wise e.g. short side to short side). See below.

triangle gift box - 2

Then the tricky bit with all sides folded in, fold short side to short side and hole punch the two left pieces and then the two right pieces. See the photo below.



Thread a ribbon (I’ve used black so it is easier to see) through the holes on both sides and tie a box. Presto! A cute triangle gift box ready for decorating and filling with goodies.


I think I will make and decorate a few of these for easter in pastel colours and maybe some in orange, yellow and blue!  Whilst I am happy for you to use the designs to raise funds for charities and not-for-profit organisations please do not use these commercially. Till next time.



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