How to make a birthday card from offcuts

Todays blog is about birthdays and specifically how to use your offcuts to create a cool one. This is my very first original design. I started with a simple challenge of using little offcuts (2cm wide x 6cm high) as candles. Initially I used glitter glue to draw a flame shape but now I have purchased a nice leaf punch which also works fantastically although I still do like the look of the glitter flame. I use any material for the candle base – corrugated card, foam, patterned paper, embossed paper, card and keep these in various sizes in a snap lock bag ready to go.

I find, as I always like to keep stock on hand for myself, to give away and lately to add to my etsy shop it is a big time saver to make multiple cards using the same design. This simple candle can be used on its own, in pairs, in trios, with or without a background or a suitable message.

The trio of cards pictured below took around 10 minutes to make with most of the time taken up by settling on the colour scheme, background and message to be included.

candle cards 2

candle cards 1

Whilst I am happy for you to use the designs to raise funds for charities and not-for-profit organisations please do not use these commercially. Till next time.



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