A special milestone – 30th birthday

Yes I have been slack in not posting since my furious crafting over christmas.  To be honest I have been making jams, preserves and chutney and trying to be good and not spending too money.  However I did get some gift cards and $ for xmas so have acquired some embossing templates, stamps and various other bits and pieces to partially restock so am now back into it.

Some of my younger friends are reaching their 30th birthday and are scared!  For me its seems a lifetime away when in reality it was 11 years ago.  Anyway I decided to make something special for their 30th birthday cards and have been pondering what to do.  It came to me whilst I was watching tv and I promptly turned off the tv and set to work.  It was really very simple idea – a shaped number 30 card.  I thought it would be easy to do as I have a cricut, computer and the cutting software.

Well it took a few hours to get the right fonts picked out, then weld and mirror and to make sure when folded it was actually a mirror image.  It took another 1/2 day to work out how to export the image and turn it into a svg which cut the entire shaped card in one cut rather than the single letters.  But now I feel I have almost mastered it.  Below is the 30th card I made for one of the boys.  I think it turned out fabulous.

shaped card

finished card

I am currently playing with other shaped “milestone” cards as we have a 90th, 80th, 60th, 50th and a number of 40th’s to go this year.  Should you have a diecut machine and want a copy of the 30th shaped based card (SVG file) or the original cricut svg project file (which also has the numbers on a separate layer by themselves but not the cupcake pictured) please contact me and I will happily send to you for your own personal use.

Happy crafting