Christmas project 7… flower pot santa

My mum tells me I used to love Bill and Ben the flower pot men which may explain my fascination with all flower pot dolls. This cutie is a fashioned from a painted upturned flower pot (red and then glittered), a large wooden ball, 4 small balls for the hands and feet, cord, curly hair, a small santa hat and some decorations.


Start by painting the pot your desired colour. Once dry give a quick coat of varnish. Work out the appropriate length to cut the cord for the arms and legs by draping over the pot. Sorry it is not a precise science. Tie a knot in one end and thread on your beads. The cord for the arms is tied around the cord for the legs to anchor.

Glue on the curly hair, some eyes and draw on a mouth. Glue on the Santa hat and then decorate as desired. I’ve used pom poms for buttons, the brim and top of the hat. You can turn this into an angel by painting the pot gold, adding bow twisted at the middle (use wire-edged ribbon) for the wings and leaving out the santa hat.



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