Christmas project 6 – bauble xmas tree

Well I actually made this in October for my mum’s birthday so haven’t been able to post it in case she saw it. A few years ago I made a bauble tree its core, a foam cone has now disintegrated and as a result the poor tree collapsed. The cheap plastic balls also were starting to show their age.

Mum asked me to refurb the tree but I had a better idea, make a new one with modern colours (pink, purple, blue, green etc) for her birthday. The result it pretty good.

mums tree

To make, start with a small pot or bucket, add oasis core to fill the pot. If you want a nice symmetrical tree you should also add a cone insert however I recommend spray painting either gold or silver before inserting. This is so if you can see it between the balls it doesn’t stand out. Then starting from the bottom start gluing the balls around the tree. At the top add your choice of decoration. I decided on a star but as my tree is also a bit “organic” I also added a couple of cute decorations and some pink ribbon. To finish off I purchased some “diamonte” stick on letters to spell Joy.



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