Christmas project 5… 12 days of christmas

OK by now the organised amongst us have our trees and christmas decorations up, gifts purchased and wrapped, xmas cards and letters done and hopefully sent. But, what if you have a difficult person to buy for? How about doing the 12 days of xmas – you can make it as inexpensive or elaborate as you wish.

What’s not to love about receiving a present a day for 12 days and it isn’t even christmas yet. I should note, that although I understand that traditionally the 12 days starts on xmas day I’m a big fan of making the 12th day xmas eve so that it doesn’t get lost in the xmas excitement.

There are some truly fabulous websites that give you ideas on what to make, gift tags to print and complete. And, as it is getting closer to xmas you probably find a lot of stuff you need in your pantry, at the supermarket or liquor store. Simply decide whether you will try to match the gift to the verse for that day or do it by quantity e.g. 12 of the same thing for the 12th day and of course, you don’t need to use the traditional verses there are parody’s, an Australian version and others. Get googling and think creatively.

Here are some of my favourite sites:

Or if that all seems too hard, how about buying a xmas jig saw puzzle and posting a few pieces to a relative who’s lives out of town each day. It will keep them amused right up until xmas.



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