Christmas project 3… candles

OK so a few years ago we were intrigued by gel candles and made at least 40 shot glass size candles for gifts. Turns out I had left-overs of this as well although only enough wicks (they need to be zinc core) to make 6 candles. Helpfully the gel for the candles was already coloured green and had gold glitter so just a quick refresher how to make, purchase of some shot glasses and done. At 50c a pop – quite happy and once wrapped they look fantastic.

But I also had a hankering to try washi taping some tea lights so I headed off to ikea and bought some vanilla scented ones (none of those boring white ones) along with small (just larger than the tealights) and larger cup like tealight holders. Then I wrapped the tealights in pairs with different colour washi tapes and hey presto 6 more gifts for $12. I used printed xmas lolly bags (left over from last year) to wrap the shot glasses, single wide tealight holders with 3 wrapped tealights and then after a bit of experimenting made 3 boxes to hold 3 small tealight holders and 9 tealights. I hope the recipients will be happy with these little bursts of colour.


P.S. If anyone wants the dimension for the tealight box send me a message and I will post.


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