Christmas project 2… xmas trees

My girlfriends step-dad is a weaver who uses a large loom to make various tartans. When I was visiting the other day she asked if I would like some of the cones from the inside of the reels of thread. As a fellow crafter and keen re-purposer of items she had some ideas however I instantly though xmas trees..

Coincidentally I was doing some other craft painting for some projects so set to work straight away. I spray painted some gold, painted some with silver and the balance in green. I then feathered a second green onto the trees to look like branches and painted some tinsel and dots (for baubles). Left picture are some of the base cones untouched and base coated and right are the finished product.

I choose to do a single colour on the textured ones because I think they look fab and even those a little crinkly on the top I left as they were as I think it adds character. I finished them of with a sealing coat of glittery modge podge and this is what I ended up with. 37 trees – some for me and some to be returned to my girlfriend to be given out as xmas presents.



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