What to do with free patterned papers

We all get the free papers in the craft magazine but I often wonder what do with them? Yes they are pretty but also printed on quite flimsy paper and often you can see the other design on the reverse side. Ok I admit I am a bit picky but when you have been making cards for awhile your standards change.

Last week though I had a lightbulb moment what if I cut the sheets into 5 1/2″ strips so that they fit through my xyron then stick them to white card (i used the back cover from a stack of printed papers). Next step see which ones are too transparent and which ones are ok, eliminate the circle ones (tad to difficult for moi to cut by hand plus I am already recycling) and cut out.

One my projects (see pic below) was to decorate some tags to add to a girlfriends birthday present. I cut strips of the background paper, adhered to the tag then added the cut out images with some double sided foam dots. Once topped with some ribbon it was a fabulous set of 6 unique christmas tags for under 50 cents.



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