How to get ready to visit craft shows

I’m off to one of our 2 big craft shows tomorrow with a dear crafty friend which got me thinking what do other people do before going to the show.

My pre-craft show routine is:

1-2 weeks before the show

  • find out how many crafty friends want to go and work and suitable times
  • review all my craft stash and identify items I need to stock up on
  • flick through my craft idea’s folder and magazines to see what projects take my fancy and what I need to buy
  • check if any of my crafty friends who aren’t going need anything
  • check prices of things I want to buy (so I know if I am getting a bargain)
  • review the craft show website and see what “free” sessions I might like to attend
  • organise a meet time and check we all have everyone’s mobiles

Day before the show

  • double check my things to purchase file
  • collect together small items I have for my craft buddies, my list, a notebook, pens
  • make something for morning tea

Show day

  • fill the water bottle
  • wrap up morning tea safely
  • wear the most comfortable coolest thing I have (lots of women in a hall is always hot!) and comfy shoes (usually sneakers)
  • grab a light jacket (in case the class room are cold)
  • find a good sized strong bag to carry purchases around in and keep my purse (there really isn’t enough room in the stands to have your handbag and a carry bag)
  • drive to the show (I know not particularly environmentally friendly but easier to slip out and drop the purchase in during the day than carry them around or pay a per bag fee)

At the show

  • check workshop times and book in if needed
  • do an initial lap of all the stands making notes of prices of things I want and stands I want to come back to
  • break for morning tea
  • shop till I drop




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