How to store cling stamps

I love clear stamps – they are much cheaper than the wooden mounted ones and easier to use. The clear block and stamp means I can put the stamp exactly where I want without any fiddling.

But as my collection grows I have been asking how best to store them. I have access to free DVD cases so I thought they might be suitable and guess what, they seem to be. I have placed the printed backing sheet in the cover with some sticky tape, transferred the stamps to the inside, added the clear backing sheet (I probably don’t need this now they are inside the DVD case) and voila – neat and tidy, stackable, stand on the side storage without a hefty price tag.


5 thoughts on “How to store cling stamps

  1. Where can I get the DVD cases that don’t have the DVD mould in them I have a lot of clear stamps and would like to store them properly I would really appreciate it if you could share this info thanks Sonia

    • I just position the cling stamps in and then around the dvd hole, if you have ones with a middle insert (4 cd type ones) then you can pull the middle out to give you a little bit more width.

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  3. There is a place called the “checkout store” they sell dvd cases without the hub in the center.
    Perfect for stamp storage.

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