Help! My craft magazines are breeding…

When I moved house I had far too many craft magazines (the pile was up to my waist) and nowhere to re-home them.  So drastic action was required.

Why exactly was I keeping the whole magazine?  I couldn’t come up with a good reason so I decided just to keep the pages with projects, techniques and templates that I liked.

I started by either pulling out the page or colour photocopied it (its handy to have a good quality printer and scanner at home) put it in a plastic sleeve.

Then I purchased a lever arch file and tabbed folders in pretty coloured card (the kind kids have for projects).  I glued the tabbed folders together to make a sturdy file tabs and put into the lever arch file along with plastic sleeves.  After much deliberation I decided to have tabs for birthdays, christmas, occasions (birthdays, weddings, easter etc), others, techniques and templates.

To finish and encourage me to continue to the practice I added spare plastic sleeves to each tab.  The magazines then went to craft friends with a caveat that they couldn’t be returned.  Problem solved!


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